2017 Scholarship Recipients

Name Money Awarded Source College Of Choice
Kautious-Marie Latham $500 RAF Kapiolani Community College
Ashley Lucas $500 RAF Kapiolani Community College
Willy Chang $1,000 RAF University Of Hawaii at Manoa
Bailey Fujinaga $1,000 RAF University of Hawaii at Manoa
Jia Qi Chen $1,000 RAF University of Hawaii at Manoa
Yini Lin $1,000 RAF University of Hawaii at Manoa
Noah Au $500 Class of 1967 Windward Community College
Sophia Ramirez $500 Class of 1967 Kapiolani Community College
Meagan Tanabe $1,000 Richard and Sheri Kawano In Honor of Melanie Kawano-Chiu 1996 Creighton University
Alana Akiu $2,000 Red and Gold Brigham Young University at Provo, Utah
Michael Hyun $2,000 Red and Gold University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hijin Jang $2,000 Red and Gold Northwestern University

Your Donations at work. 2011-2017

Program Amount
Scholarships $73,100
Project Grad $9,810
Creative Teens (Class of ‘57) $5,495
Concrete Benches (Class of ‘63) $9,678.15
School supplies $12,803.52
Robotics Team $7,500
Theodore Roosevelt Bust (RAF Gift) $6,530
Golf Team $6000
Football Team $5000
RHS HOSA Group $5000
Senior Project Medals $4,593.38
AED Institute of Ameria (AEDs for RHS) $3,720.20
Hiroshima Student Exchange $2,600
HI Council on Economic Education $1,900
Relay For Life $1,300
Various Campus Events $1,260
Spirit Club $1,000
Eagle Scout Project $400
Music Boosters $300
STEM $200
Graphics Design Class $100